Western International Forest Disease Work Conference


Registration Information 
To register more than one individual (including guests): select the “Group Registration” option then proceed to enter the information for each attendee.

To pay by credit card(s) or check: complete the registration form online and make payment online with credit card(s) or note that payment will be made by mail-in check. It is possible to use multiple credit cards or both a credit card and a mail-in check if you wish to split out specific committee meeting meals, guest field trips, the banquet, etc. Just select the individual items you wish to pay for and the appropriate method.

Early registration closes September 2nd. Registrations received after September 2nd are subject to a $50 late fee.
Online registration is the preferred method. A hard copy of the registration form (includes detailed pricing information for your records) is also available. 
Please contact Holly Kearns (hkearns@fs.fed.us) if you have any questions.
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