Western International Forest Disease Work Conference

Outstanding Achievement Award

Brian Geils accepts his Outstanding Achievement Award at the 64th Annual WIFDWC in Sitka, Alaska. Without exception, the nomination letter and letters in support of the nomination described a creative scientist with a broad range of interests, a high level of enthusiasm and curiosity, and a great guy to be with in the field. 

Past recipients include:

2000 Lew Roth & Duncan Morrison
2001 Bob Gilbertson
2002 No award
2003 Everett Hansen
2004 Bob James
2005 Walt Thies
2006 Bart van der Kamp & Alan Kanaskie
2007 Rich Hunt
2008 No award
2009 Bill Jacobi and Bob Edmonds
2010 Paul Hennon
2011 Ellen Goheen and Susan Frankel
2012 John Schwandt
2013 Don Goheen
2014 Willis Litke and Terry Shaw
2015 Brian Geils
2016 No award 
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